5 Jun 2011

More facts for World Oceans Day!

Still looking for facts to share with the people around you on World Oceans Day? Well pay attention 'cause here go 10 facts about dolphins in 30 seconds!

Hmmm... that went by pretty fast! What say we slow things down a bit and take a deeper look into just one of those facts? I choose... ECHOLOCATION!!!

Now for the "youngsters", how about a catchy echolocation song?

Although personally, I might try and learn this one for a challenge:

Yikes! Maybe I'll go for something easier! :p

See you on June 8th, World Oceans Day!!!


  1. Hi Cris, great videos!

    I'm planning on linking up my post to the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon, I'm only writing one. I opened it up to all kinds of submissions, hoping that those who are not the "sciency" types will participate and learn something new. I'm hoping you're linking up to mine as well. The more the merrier!

    I'm a little worried that all the recent problems with Blogger isn't going to adversely affect those who were planning to participate. I've noticed readership is down and I personally know some who have just closed their blogs.

    Fingers crossed we have a GREAT turnout!

    See you on the 8th!!!!

  2. Hi Chris..
    and Shelle..
    delightful post..
    Am planning to participate ..
    You ladies rock!!
    SEA you there!!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  3. Honestly, I haven't heard of the World Ocean Day. But I think it's like blogging with a cost. I need to read more of it on your blog, so that I can participate. Thanks for the info ^_^


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