5 Jun 2011

Want to dive under the waves on World Oceans Day?

While browsing around YouTube the other day looking for fun videos to share in the days leading up to World Oceans Day, I noticed that many of the ones that were catching my attention were done by the same person: Annie Crawley a.k.a. "Ocean Annie". I poked around her YouTube channel, checked out the website www.DiveIntoYourImagination.com and realised she's already well on the path leading to the theme of this year's World Oceans Day: Youth!!! Her project is to bring the oceans to the kids (check out the "Cool Kids" section!):
"I wanted to give children the real story, have them exposed to the real animals and talk about the natural history of the animals because they are so “animated” in their natural environment that they don’t need any stories but their own. I created the Dive Into Your Imagination series for kids to get them out of the virtual world and into the real world, it is better than cartoons! I truly believe that kids will help educate their parents and many of the myths about our oceans and water will be dispelled. I want kids growing up loving the water and all the animals because we protect what we love."
 Among the videos I particularly enjoyed was this next one, where we kind of get to know Annie as she explains about Scuba Diving. It's a great intro to one of my favourite activities, and makes me want to just go and jump into the water! ;o)

Remember: tomorrow the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon begins (and will last as long as it is WOD somewhere on this planet)!!! So finish up the final touches on your post and then come give me the link in a comment or e-mail me at crazycris AT ymail DOT com. One participant has already got hers up! Who's going to be next? :o)

I'm signing off for now, but am going to let these two polar bears have the final word:


  1. Oh golly is it WOD tomorrow?! I'm not sure I'll manage it this year, will have to see how it goes...

  2. Not tomorrow, Wednesday June 8th! I'm just launching the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon tomorrow and will have it active for several days to give people time to put up their posts... and because if you consider the time zones... World Oceans Day lasts about 48h! :D

    So you've still got time! ;o)

  3. Yayy! You are a true adventurous spirit, Cris! I'm hoping I'll get something up before the day comes and goes. They say when you retire you can get all kinds of things done, but it doesn't seem that way to me!! :-)

  4. DJan, you have such an active life I don't know how you find time for everything! But I know you'll find a few minutes for WOD! ;o)


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