27 Feb 2010

Ever seen an Easter Egg sticking out of a foot?

VoilĂ !

doesn't look like a foot? allow me:

Actually, kind of reminds me a bit of Alien... oh no!!! There's a mini Alien about to burst out of my foot!!! aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh.......


That might be more fun than being stuck with a tight "can't get wet" bandage thingy for 3 weeks and a pair of crutches. Showers are going to be soooo much fun...  :s

"bored now!"
What happened? Let's just say that movie-going is a highly dangerous sport that shouldn't be entered into lightly! Especially not if there are stairs involved. Add to that when there are still several stairs to slide down before reaching the bottom. Ouch!

2010 has definitely had an "exciting" start for my family... first my damn car accident (no injuries other than the bumper), then my parents have a tire blow out on the highway, then my mom gets her shoulder operated on, then my aunt gets back surgery... I guess I didn't want to feel left out, huh?

Damn! There a massive birthday party for friends going on in a disco downtown next Friday night, and I was in desperate need of a night of losing myself in the music! I'll be even more desperate in 3 weeks I can assure you! I'll have to get my friends together for a "ditch the crutches" dance fiesta 'round the end of March... ;o)

Oh, and just to reassure you there isn't an Easter egg or an Alien growing out of my foot:


don't I have pretty bones? :p

PS: this is my first medical "incident", ever! grrr... would have like to prolong that date... and for the record: RIDING IN AN AMBULANCE IS NAUSEATING!!! seriously, if we had gone much further they would have had to clean out the back of that thing... just saying. ;o)


  1. PPS: and getting to my classes these next couple of weeks are going to be sooo much fun!!! NOT!!!
    I'm going to have to cancel one, and make do with the other two afternoons. Good thing my students live literally right in front of each other.

  2. Ouch, that looks nasty! Hope it heals soon

  3. Thx Juliette! heal it will... just not soon enough for my taste!

    Was actually thinking of you yesterday morning, I caught "The Passion of Christ" on cable (I don't know what the big fuss over that movie was all about, it's no gorier than many "blow 'em up" movies out there) and was amazed at how much of the Latin I could actually understand (but none of the arameic). Have you seen it? Can you actually understand enough of the Latin to not need the subtitles?

  4. Ooooooowwwww!!!
    That looks so painful! I don't know how you can joke and have such a good attitude about it. I would definitely be more of a wuss than you. I hope it heals up quickly and you can enjoy your no-more-crutches dance safely!

  5. you know what they say Nicky, if you can't laugh at yourself what can you laugh at? ;o)

    but yeah, painful doesn't begin to cover it. although now it's more of a nuisance (unless I forget myself and put weight on it, in which case OW!)

  6. OUCH! I cringe just looking at the pics.

    I have the easter egg foot thing on TOP of my right foot due to a childhood accident that smashed the arch bone into seventeen pieces. I still have the lumpy egg foot, held together by pins and it's a size smaller than the left one. I don't think about it anymore but occasionally in summer when I'm wearing sandals someone will notice and ask about it. And buying shoes with straps is a nightmare. Hopefully you won't be stuck with yours forever, but I think we should start an "EGG FOOT CLUB" and be exclusive members. :)

  7. Veg, I'm afraid my Easter Egg has decided to take itself out of the running... would you accept "former Easter Egg members" into the club? ;o)
    Ouch! Something like that causing trouble in your foot / shoe life, forever? NOT cool. :o(


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