5 Feb 2010

Fishy Fridays ep. 9

We're baaaaaaack!!! :o)

I had wanted to put out a much more complete post to re-boot Fishy Fridays for 2010, but my body apparently had other plans (nasty cold!), so I'm just going to dip my toes in the shallow end with an addition to my favourite post so far (Fishy Fridays ep. 3), the one on dogfish! You remember, those small benthic sharks (also known as catfish for the smaller variety)? Here, this guy:

Well, shortly before I left Liège my roommate at the dorm followed me on a guided tour of the Aquarium, and it so happened that her camera could do video (the one drawback of my DSLR, no vids!). So I took her 'round back to see "behind the scenes" a bit, and we came across a tank with Dogfish eggs in it:

Do you remember my telling you these little critters spend 9 months in their eggs? (if not, click on that link up there to ep.3) And that at the very end you can actually make out the little shark through the egg sack by transparency?

Maybe I forgot to mention you can also see them "swimming" in there too... ;o)


  1. Very cool! I'm happy to see that Fishy Fridays are back!

    Would you be interested in a collaboration sometime? I could provide you a photo (courtesy of my husband) and you provide the scientific stuff.

  2. I love this post! We were at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week. We like to go every few years and plan on taking our grandson next time. I loved the seahorse exhibit and of course, the jellyfish. The fact they are in their sack for nine months is astounding - as long as a human baby.

  3. @Dive Girl: sounds like a cool idea! but would be even better to combine photo + funky underwater story + scientific stuff! I just hope you know the name in case it's a species I haven't come across before! ;o)

    @Nancy: I've got one aquarium to do before I get to the seahorses, one which I might actually divide in two posts 'cause there are so many fish in it! :p And I really want to do the seahorses justice... so won't rush into them :o)

  4. A totally unexpected....and fabulous post...smiles.

  5. Wow Cris, this is so cool I watched them both twice and favorited them in my youtube account.

    Happy to hear you're starting up Fishy Fridays again, you show us the neatest stuff.

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my move, I'm getting very excited and know everything will turn out well.

    Those sunsets you posted were stunning! I'd love to see something like that outside my window.

  6. HUGS Rhonda! I'm sure your move will go swimmingly! :o)

    Hmmm... sunset season will soon be over, I've got to enjoy them as much as possible while they last! (so you might see a few more pop up here if my camera feels inspired) :p

  7. Swimmingly, I like the sound of that! I'll be looking forward to a few more sunset photos. I never heard of sunset season, why do they end? I mean I know the sun will still set, is it that they are so amazing right now because of the weather?

    Inquiring minds want to know. lol

  8. "Sunset season" is what I call the winter here. lol!

    In the summer it's so hot and humid that it's really hazy and sunsets aren't all that noticeable (it's also harder to make out the stars at night and I can't see the island in the bay). But in the winter the atmosphere is much dryer, and the clear crisp air combined with the occasional clouds usually makes the perfect conditions for some pastel-light shows!


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