25 Feb 2010


This is fun!

I'll have to remember to keep an eye out for this soundtrack when prices go down. Why is it that there are never special deals on soundtracks but yes on most other music? Why is it that the soundtracks on cd usually cost more than the movie itself on dvd?! Used to be I'd buy a couple of soundtracks per year, haven't bought one in ages... :o(

Oscars coming up soon!!! ;o)


  1. I didn't realize Sherlock Holmes had a soundtrack. I'm going to have to look for it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Someone else was blogging about their favorite soundtracks today and while I don't buy many, I do love Wild At Heart. I couldn't pass up Nicolas Cage's rendition of Love Me Tender. Very eclectic collection of tunes and I still listen to it after twenty years!

  3. There was a time when I only bought soundtracks! :p
    I really like classical music but don't know the names (other than the most famous) or which recordings are good so I have a hard time buying it. But soundtracks I hear during the movies and I know which ones I like and can relax to or accompany reading or just sitting and thinking. :o)


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