3 Feb 2010

Movie Magic: Coming Soon to an Ocean near you!

 On Earth Day 2010 (so I think that's April 22nd), DisneyNature (movies) brings you...

At least that's what they make it sound like... not much! Sounds like just another Disney production with cute animals and lots of action scenes... NOT!!!

Here's the real deal: Océans  
"one day, a child who discovered the sea asked me "the Ocean, what is the Ocean?""

From Jacques Perrin, the man behind Microcosmos and Le Peuple Migrateur (Winged Migration), an Ode to the seas. How I wish I had a trip planned to the other side of the Pyrenees so I could see it already! Will just have to wait 'till it pops up on Spanish screens, eventually...


  1. Maybe I'll take my future marine biologist to see that one...

  2. Oooo, I'm excited about this one. Thanks for the tip! A couple of times while scuba diving, I've had the chance to swim in a bait/fish ball. It was an amazing experience!

  3. Lily, I'm sure it will help inspire her! ;o)

    Lucky you Dive Girl! I've never had that chance while diving... probably because all my dives have been near to the coast. I imagine something like that would be seen a bit further offshore...


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