11 Feb 2010

that much left?!

I came across this little map thingy and thought I might try it out, see if I like it for when I start up that "travel blog" I mentioned in my New Year's Resolutions. So, I know I've travelled a lot, but these type of maps make it seem both like more and less than I've actually seen! More because I'm one of those people who doesn't like "counting countries" (although I've done it) and thinks you can't really say you've visited a country if you've only seen a city or two (which is why China isn't in red, I've only been to Hong Kong). And less because I tend to repeat visits... some of these places I've been to several times (and would love to go back).

One thing's for sure, I need to get myself to South America and Africa! :p

And HEY!!! where's Antarctica on this map? I can't forget those trips!!!

visited 30 states (13.3%)
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and looks like I've still got quite a bit of the US to cover as well...

visited 24 states (48%)
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Hmm... time to plan another trip? ;o)
I wish....


  1. Well I've never been anywhere, but you've never been here either (Guyana) or anywhere close. So...we're even.

  2. Anonymous11/2/10 20:30

    I'll never quite understand anyone who doesn't have the burning urge to travel, yet I know people who've never left their home town. It's baffling to me. I grew up in Scotland, moved to England, then the U.S. now Canada. I've been all over eastern and western Europe and am now itching for some southern hemisphere action. :) I'm envious you're in Spain because I've been so many places and Spain remains, probably my favourite country overall. I just love the lifestyle, the warmth, the siesta, the scenery, Gaspacho, everything.

    I do need a few more U.S. states under my belt though. I think my tally is rather lame at around 14.

  3. @Andrew: well, Panama's not that far, is it? ;o) Yeah, I have to do a couple of trips to South America! I have family I'd like to meet in Brasil and Argentina, and friends to visit in Guyana, Columbia and Chile!

    @Vegetable Assassin: I could never understand that kind of people either! Will all the wonderful places to see around the world (and people to meet), I'm having trouble reconciling myself to the idea that there's no way I can do it all! :p

    My biggest issue with most of these places I have "visited"... is that I actually saw most of them before I was 8 years old!!! So I don't remember much! Such as: Bangkok, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Jordan, Switzerland, Panama, Costa Rica... snif! So I have to go back and visit them all again to make them count! I did it with Honk Kong 2 years ago... :o) well, a 1-day stop on my way to New Zealand, does that count? :p

  4. Wow, you've really been all over! I love travel but can't afford much, certianly not exotic places, so the furthest I've ever been from the UK is Cyprus. Hopefully, by this time next week, I'll also have been to the US, which will be a new 'furthest place' - fingers crossed for no snow! I did succeed in leaving Europe for the first time when I went to Tunisia the other year, which I loved, and I'm pretty well travelled within Europe.

    Country counting says I've visited 7% of the countries in the world, though I did cheat a bit by including Vatican City! I included Spain even though I've only been to Menorca, but I didn't include Switzerland, which I went to when I was 2 and don't remember, or Germany, which I've driven through and been to a petrol station in, but not actually properly visited.

  5. Juliette, I visited Tunisia about 10 years ago and really loved it! I was surprised at the quantity and quality of all the Roman ruins, and enjoyed the vibrant street life and markets. Kind of reminded me of Mexico (which I really miss)!
    Bon voyage to the US of A!

  6. I went over and clicked the States I've been to and wasn't surprised there were only 14 and they are all on the West Coast from Washington, all the way down and around to Florida, plus Hawaii and Nevada. I really need to get out more! lol

    I'm hoping that once I get settled in Georgia I can travel up the East Coast and visit lots of new beaches — there must be a beach wherever I go!

  7. Well it's definitely not a lack of want that's keeping me from travelling, expense is always the biggest issue...and there are so many places I want to go - Paris first though. But so many places to go...I have my entire life ahead though.

  8. The problem with travelling is that it requires two essential components: time + money... and you'll usually find that when one of the two is present, the other is lacking!

  9. I think I'll get one of those US maps. I don't see traveling abroad in my near future... but I can still dream!

  10. In Spain there's a saying: "Soñar no cuesta nada" i.e. dreaming's free! So you never know Lili, keep dreaming and perhaps someday... ;o)

  11. Just wanted to drop in and say hello. You must be very busy again. Hope all is well, miss you.

  12. hey Rhonda! Thx!
    all's well indeed, but haven't been home except to sleep this weekend, so not much writing! even Fishy Friday was late! :p


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