24 Apr 2011

Project 365 - 113


Today's pic (click it bigger!) is from Alicante's Easter Sunday procession. At 11h30 the Virgin was carried out of her church and Christ out of his, and at noon they met in front of City Hall and danced for joy at seeing each other! :o)

Joyous meeting between the Virgin and Christ resuscitated!
I'll be writing more about this procession over at Cris Crossing the Globe within the next couple of days.


  1. How festive and beautiful! Great picture, too, Cris. This is just the way I felt yesterday, even though it sure didn't look like that here!

  2. Hi Cris! This is Alyssa, World Oceans Day coordinator. I want to talk to you about translating the site into Spanish but I've lost your email address.

    I would be grateful if you could get in touch with me: aisakower AT theoceanproject.org

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Great photo! I'll be checking out the other blog to see more about it all. :)

  4. yikes Nicky! I haven't finished writing the Easter Sunday post yet! I've been away all week (still am) with a really crappy internet connection and very busy days!!! need to put a rush on that one... :p

  5. As always, ya'll know how to celebrate in Alicante!

    Countdown time, WOD is only a month away!!!!

  6. You live in such a festival-loving place. Love it!


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