14 Apr 2011

Project 365 - 103

"Tough Love"

I'm double dipping today... just 'cause I wanted to give you guys a close-up of those "un-stuffed" animals, lol! Anyone car to guess what they are? Or should I say, what they used to be? ;o)


  1. Hey
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, very sweet of you, you asked about how I ended up in a small Town...well answer is I am like you...amazing !!
    I am struck by our similarities I traveled for years...I even lived in Spain for 3 years.
    I am becoming a follower I love your blog, and next will check out your other
    Maybe we can compare note fellow mongrel
    Cheers from Aussie Stella

  2. hey new friend! I absolutely love the idea of a picture a day and am going to try to do something like that too. Maybe I will just start with a picture a week, not sure yet. Now, to answer your question about what those unstuffed animals are or used to be...my best guess is they were once stuffed little creatures that your adorable dog got a hold of.
    I will definately scroll your posts and comment along the way. Looking forward to sharing more and thanks for the coffee chats and the follow!

  3. Hi ladies! Welcome to my crazy corner of the blogosphere!

    @Stella, sounds like we do need to compare mongrel and travel notes! :D

    @mom, go ahead and try! It takes a while to get started at first because sometimes you forget (or remember at 11pm when you're in bed and say "forget it!" lol!)

  4. Those were indeed stuffed creatures in a by-gone age... the most recent from this past Christmas. It really doesn't take her long to "un-stuff" them! The amazing thing is that even several years later... we still find bits of stuffing around the house!

    Ah, but the question is can you guess WHAT animals they were once upon a time? Two of them actually have recognisable names. :p

  5. Hey again Chris
    Thanks so much for reading my silly skin care post....I replied.
    If that was my dog there would be no toy left after 2 mins full stop, silly boy has not enough brains to think he could play with it at another time, I even had to get a metal lead as he chewed through 20 at least.
    Have you seen this blog thought you might like it
    Her name is Dash and like us has lived all over plus she is another readerholic
    Cheers Stell

  6. Well, I immediately knew what these were, my Sheldon had a collection of his own!

    I see a moose and an elephant, but you got me on the other two!

  7. Bingo Rhonda! :o)

    Although the "moose" was supposed to be a reindeer... ;p The 4th with the red antlers is also a reindeer.
    The white one is a kitten from the Aristocats, and the purple is an elephant from Winnie the Pooh.


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