13 Apr 2011

Project 365 - 102

Finally found a useful use for peas! :o)


  1. The great thing about using the peas like this is that you can refreeze them and use again. I wouldn't want to eat them at a later date, though. :-)

  2. hey roomie! no sabía que andabas mala de la piernita! me encanta tu blog, está súper divertido :) abrazo y que el proyecto 365 quede en 150 ;)

  3. Haha yes that is quite a good use for them

  4. DJan, they're also great because they're so small, so easy to position the bag comfortable around the leg! And I didn't have any intention of eating them before I started thawing/freezing/thawing/freezing them... yuck! :p

    Egle: pues si, ultimamente ando con mala pata! :D


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