30 Nov 2010

Snowy morning!

And after last night's snowfall, here's what I woke up to:

Looks gorgeous from inside my room, but I wonder how I'll feel when I have to go out in it! :p


  1. I'm sitting here in my tank top and shorts. It's a little chilly this morning, I may just have to put on a t-shirt today, lol.

    Enjoy! I think when it gets heavy, you should build a tropical snowman!

  2. We have wind and rain right now, no snow. I think you will be fine out there, just be careful!

  3. Thanks so much for entering my photo contest, Cris...I am SO excited to see your blog because we used to have TWO exchange students from Alicante!!! They were brother and sister...so I need to e-mail you to see if you would know of them...their dad was a leather wholesale purchaser...we loved them so much and still keep in touch and hope to visit them in Alicante some day!! So email me and we will chat!! I just became a follower on your blog too!

  4. Looks crisp, and worthy of warm socks!

  5. Wow - no snow for us yet. I'm not jealous....yet.

  6. I came over from DJan’s blog. I can’t believe you have snow in Spain already. Today here in Atlanta was one of the coldest days we had so far, it was 14 C (57 F) but the sun was shining. I’ll come back and read more of your posts but I have been away and need to catch up on many posts.

  7. @Rhonda: I might have missed my window on the snowman... have been too busy and now the slushy rain is melting the snow! snif!!!

    @DJan: have indeed been fine thanks to this wonderful concept called layers! loL! I didn't bring warm enough clothes so I've been piling them on! :p

    @Retired One: thanks for joining the group, and amazing coincidence!!! It's definitely a small world!

    @Nancy: I actually had to go buy a couple more pairs of warm socks, only had 3!

    @Dive Girl: that is so strange... snow here but not in Canada! Whatever is the world coming to??? :p

    @Vagabonde: welcome to my crazy corner! I'm not in Spain at the moment but in Belgium so less of a surprise to see snow, although for this city and this early in the season, it's extraordinary!!!


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