29 Nov 2010

Icy cold!

When I wrote about the snow up on Campus last week, I mentioned I was wondering if the weekend's hike would be snowy or not, and if my gear would do for the current weather conditions... Well the weekend was GORGEOUS! Beautiful blue skies we hadn't seen in weeks... which sadly here in winter are always accompanied by freezing cold weather, this time literally! The temperature hasn't been above freezing for a few days, and probably won't for the rest of the week! A light snowfall on Saturday added to the upcoming holiday feeling, but fortunately it wasn't enough to complicate things around here.

I'm running really behind on my Walloon Hiking Posts (which I'm doing as much for myself -to remember these hikes- as for anyone who might be interested in hiking or seeing the Belgian hills and woods), but I did want to sneak ahead and share a photo from yesterday! The latest in wintry (3º below freezing!!!) hiking fashions, voilà!

Quite a clash of colours, eh? I'm trying out my new garters (is that the right word for those red things?) which I got 'cause I was fed up of the mud around here. Have warm Columbia pants (part of my old Antarctic gear) on under my outer shell, and am wearing two icebreaker shirts long+short-sleeve) under a polar fleece and my jacket. Hat, gloves, scarf... those came and went depending on sunshine and whether climbing uphill or down... ;o)

There was just enough snow on the ground (and trees and bushes, more or less depending on sun or shade) to make everything look magical and all "Winter Wonderland", but not enough to make hiking a problem (I've been told it's more tiring to hike through the snow). Added bonus: the mud was all frozen!!! So for once I didn't come home with my pants all muddy up to my knees! (which kind of defeated the point of inaugurating my garters) Instead it was fun to walk on its crunchy surface, lol!

The snow was falling quite heavily when I left the University this evening... it's a pity I don't have classes tomorrow until the afternoon, I'm sure the pristine morning snow would make for lovely photos! :p


  1. Great photo - you look like you're ready to come visit me in Canada. :)

  2. I think I might need to add the "warm" layer of my jacket for that... and thicker gloves and hat! :p

    I've only been to Canada in the summer... winter must be quite an experience! ;o)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful outing and you look so Christmassy with your green and red!

    The scenery is gorgeous, I haven't been to the snow is so many years. I love to visit the snow, but I just couldn't imagine living in it for any length of time. My parents tried to give me the cabin in Big Bear, CA when they retired. They raised me to be a beach girl, I don't know what possessed them to think I could live that far from the ocean, lol.

    Glad it's bringing you much joy!

  4. Gaiters, Cris. But I guess you could call them garters if you want to. Great shot of you! Just enough snow to make it look interesting...

  5. Christmassy Rhonda? Wait until you see what I wore to the Christmas market in Aachen yesterday! I'll write up a post asap, but will be on the other blog.

    DJan, I was actually hesitating between gaiters and garters! lol! And yeah, once I get to that post you'll see it was just enough snow to make things pretty! :o)


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