11 Nov 2010

Movie Madness: crazy premiere in London!

Talk about walking into a madhouse! My sister and I were trying to cross Leicester Square tonight to collect our Mamma Mia! tickets with enough time to have dinner before the show... and found our paths blocked by a horde of screaming people!

My sister's like: "Thursday night? Oh, probably a movie premiere... I wonder which one it could be?... noooo... wait a minute! not... HARRY POTTER?!?!?!?!"

We found ourselves at a corner of the Square amongst a crowd of people looking up at a big screen showing the highlights of what was going on in the "fenced-off" zone (protected by Death Eaters no less!).

 The stars and co. were being driven up to a pathway where they were greeted by screaming fans asking for pics and autographs (the announcer said some people had been camping out there since yesterday!), then I believe they walked around a circuitous path in the centre of Leicester Square for photo ops and interviews:

then through an arcade

and into the Odeon Cinema for the World Premiere of the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Here are some more shots I got off the big screen, unedited photos and character names 'cause it's waaay too late for me to do any research and I just had to get this out asap! Also can't edit the videos 'cause my sis is sleeping and this is a very small flat. ;o)

Luna Lovegood signing autographs:

Hermione Granger (sporting a lovely pixie haircut!) smiling for the cameras:

Mr Weasley being interviewed:

with a segment of that interview:

Then his (on-screen) son Ronald Weasley (got lots of screams from the crowd):

Lil' sis' Ginny Weasley (when did she grow up into such a lovely young woman?!):

Of course Mrs Weasley couldn't be far behind:

ooooh! Bellatrix Lestrange! Mad murderous Deatheater witch signing autographs!

It's J.K.Rowlings herself!!!

Hide! "He who must not be named" (a.k.a. Lord Voldemort) has arrived!

And his reluctant pupil Draco Malfoy:

Fortunately "the boy who lived" Harry Potter is here to save the day! :o)

MAJOR screaming! ;o)


I'm psyched!

Just wish I could have gotten close enough to take pictures of the people, not the screen... but was an hour of intense fun!!! :p

Now I just have to wait 10 days until I can see it next weekend with friends in Luxembourg! By why -oh why?!- are they making us wait until the summer for the 2nd half?! argh!!!

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