26 Nov 2010

First snow on campus

I mentioned in my post yesterday that it had started snowing while I was in class... and I was wondering whether there would be any left when I got up there this morning. Well, here's the answer (taken w/ my cellphone, so not perfect):

Not much for those of you who have already gotten a decent snowfall this year, but it made me feel all giddy and goofy (plus I've had Christmas carols stuck in my since yesterday's snow)! It was actually snowing again (lightly) when I got off the bus! The snow's not sticking to the road, but it sure looks pretty on the leaves and branches of the trees and other plants! :o)

This weekend the temperatures are supposed to be mostly around or below freezing, and I'm wondering what my Sunday hike is going to be like... at a higher altitude and further inland. Will I get snow? What's it like hiking in snow? I hope my regular hiking boots will do the trick! Although I'm afraid the hat I brought with me isn't warm enough, and I didn't bring any snow gloves... winter is coming in much earlier (and colder!) than last year here in Belgium!


  1. It must be the La Nina effect, Cris. It's the same here in the PNW. But your boots should be just fine, although you might want to invest in a better hat! I look forward to hearing how it goes...

  2. the frustrating thing is I have plenty of hats at home!!! I've got warm hats coming out of my ears, and never use them in Alicante! A result of living here for 8 years, 2 trips to the Antarctic etc... and the one I brought is pure merino wool so warm, but single layer.

    I'll probably improvise tomorrow with that hat and perhaps my silk scarf (can wrap over my head under the hat) and my jacket as a hood... and then I'll know if I really need to get another hat for the next 2 final hikes...


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