10 Nov 2010

3... 2... 1... LAUNCH!

We have lift-off!!!

Of what?

My new travel blog!

has officially launched!

I've been fiddling with the design and layout since I started working on it in August, and haven't finished yet (I want to design a header with the name centred and in front of photos from pretty places I've been to), but if I wait until I finish with all the nitpicking... I'll never be done! So I'm taking advantage of my being on a trip to launch it officially, even though I've already been writing on it whenever possible since I got to Belgium. I've only got a few posts up on Belgium and Switzerland, but have 3 more in draft about birding along the Belgian coast (with lots of storks!), and the oldest Roman cities in Belgium and Germany. When I do finish those they'll appear "backdated", so on the dates I started working on them, shortly after each event. I've also imported a few posts from this blog that were 100% travel related (like my posts about what I did London in July 2009).

So check it out, see if you might be interested in adding it to your reading list... and if you have any readers interested in travel tales then tell them about it!


  1. I'm hoping you'll still keep this one, Cris. If you aren't please let me know. I can hardly keep up now, with all the blogs I follow!!

  2. DJan, this will always and forever be my main voice! The other one is because I want to talk more about travels...

    I hear you on the having trouble keeping up with blogs... I'm about to go through my "reading" list and delete the ones I don't really follow anymore. No time! :s


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