19 Mar 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What's that? I've got my dates wrong? It's not 'till June?! HA! Not here!!! In Spain father's day is TODAY!!! Saint Joseph's Day (which I find pretty ironic). And it's actually a holiday in most of the country!

from http://www.remerascopadas.com.ar/remera.php?wid=879&id=104

So I'm taking my dad out to lunch and a movie (well, technically he's taking me -cause of my whole lack of mobility issue- and I'm paying). How 'bout you, got any plans for today? ;o)

PS: I'm afraid I have to put Fishy Fridays on hold again, until I can find enough time to write a proper entry! The next one is going to be really good, but I need time to do the research, go through my photos and videos of the fishy in question, and write it al up! And I'm kind of in the middle of trying to rewrite a research paper on a scary deadline so... I'm afraid my responsibilities are taking over on my procrastination activities! But as the Governator was famous for saying: I'll be back! (sorry, I couldn't helo myself, lol!)
PPS: Only one person ventured a guess as to the subject of the next FF post... the clues are there and another one has been added in this post.


  1. LOL...actually that is pretty ironic! Have a great day!

  2. You are one busy lady! I knew you had to have a limit, and I think I've found it. And give your dad an Irish pinch for me for St. Paddy's Week! I love to hear that YOU also get behind, but with such verve.

  3. Thx Rain!

    DJan, I've known my limits for a long time... I just have a tendency to get my "reallife" priorities mixed up from time to time! ;o)

    But I'm afraid I can't justify pinching my dad today, he's actually wearing ALL green! lol!
    I wish I could have done something for St Pat's! Nothing like being stuck with crutches to make you want to head down to the Irish pub and dance a jig! All I got to do was wear green and tell my English students tales about the day. :p

  4. Oh, and I have discovered that escalators are a scary thing with crutches! Going up's ok, but going down????... yikes!

    And why, oh WHY did the movie have to be in the farthest screen from the entrance?! grrrr My hands are killing me!!! :o(

  5. St Joseph is patron saint of fathers (among other things) because he was a good foster father to Jesus, so that's probably the reason for the different date!


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