27 Mar 2010

Earth Hour

It's time to shut off the lights (for an hour) and symbolically stake a claim in the future of our planet!

Earth Hour 2010 is upon us! Today, Saturday March 27th millions of people across the globe will be switching their lights off for an hour as a statement about Climate Change.

I'll be turning my lights of between 20h30 and 21h30 tonight, will you? Check the website linked to above for your local times! :o)

(I just wish I was mobile enough to get myself -and my foot- downtown to see what will be going on at City Hall tonight for this. Oh, and I'd better dig out some candles from somewhere!).

Update March 28th: well that was disappointing! I went up to the roof to look across the bay at the city and observe the effects of the "apagón", and other than a few apartments going dark here and there, the only noticeable result was the castle going dark:

The WWF and City Hall will have to do a better job at getting the word out next year. :s 


  1. Yep I'll be turning off the lights, easy for me, just heading to bed a little bit early... thanks for the reminder, Cris!

  2. I'm afraid that was a bit too early for my bedtime DJan! I stayed up another 3-4h... just long enough to regret when I got up earlier than usual this morning thx to the time change kicking in. :p


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