28 Mar 2010

Coming soon: Semana Santa Española

a.k.a. Holy Week, which in Spain = the faithful carrying out the statues of Saints through the streets of the towns, kind of putting on a Passion Play over the course of the week with these figures on their thrones.

And I'll start by enticing you with a few shots I've been fiddling with (luv iphoto!) from today's Palm Sunday procession in Elche where people brought their Palms (frequently palms they've made into true works of Art!) to be blessed and then followed Christ's entrance into Jerusalem (or in this case the Basilica of Sta Maria):

looking through a bell

Christ entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

detail of an elaborate Palm


the Crucifixion on Mt. Golgotha crowning a Palm

More photos, videos and stories from this procession and a couple of others as soon as I finish a research paper and have time to make a photo selection and edit the video pieces together. ;o)


  1. Wow! The only palms I ever had were just some green somethings made into a cross. Nothing like this! Nothing! Thanks for sharing the beautiful palms, as well as the nice vignette feature of iPhoto.

  2. glad you enjoy! :o)

    I'm trying to dig out online a photo that was on the front page of the newspaper today: the Pope with one of these Palms. Apparently he gets sent one each year. :o)

  3. It is so wonderful to see how other parts of the world celebrate this holiday. We were given palm leaves at church last week. They were just leaves... no art.

    Can't wait to see the other pics. You sound very busy!


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