15 Mar 2010

And this is why I'm grateful I went to University in Europe instead of the US...

And that's just for PUBLIC Universities! How can people afford a University education with prices like those?! Shall I scare you with my tuition fees? Less than 1000€ / year! (I don't remember the exact amount) I managed to pay for my Master's Degree in Belgium (which was even less since got a "low income" -thx to my dad having retired a few years before- reduction in fees) and cover my living expenses just by working part time teaching English and doing translations. And since I registered for the PhD programme in Belgium I've only been paying administrative fees after my initial full tuition... fees which rose to 30€ this year, oh my! I get that money back just on the student discounts I get at movie theatres throughout the year...


  1. I'd miss my grandgirls so much... but it would be worth it to get them a great education!

    The oldest (the one that wants to be a marine biologist) is planning on letting the Coast Guard help her with it. It's out of our range for sure!

  2. Well the Coast Guard sounds like a good idea! I almost let the Air Force help me out with a Physics or Engineering degree... but in the end decided I preferred Biology and living in Spain (and not being in the military for 6 years after graduating).

    As for missing them... indeed! But the US is so big if they even leave the state you probably won't see them except on holidays... C'est la vie! :o(

  3. Love the new blog colours and template Cris! Finally Blogger made some changes huh? I know, the cost of education is nuts in the States. I mean, even the most expensive universities here are about 6k a year CAD. I think Nova Scotia is the highest. I know PEI is about 2.5k a year for full-time courses, including books and parking. That's what I'd budgeted before deciding not to attend.

  4. It is such a disgrace. Really. But I am so glad our last tuition check was last year. Yay! After two daughters, and nine years, we are finished. Well, maybe. Youngest is looking at grad school. We feel so fortunate to have been able to educate our children and not leave them with huge debts. How fortunate for you to be able to get an education with so little money on your part.That's how it should be.

    Love the new look!!

  5. Hey Rain! Yay! Finally some Blogger changes for those of us our are HTML-challenged, lol! Pity you decided not to sign up to the Uni courses this year... but then that leaves you free to pick up and head somewhere else this summer!

    Nancy, your girls are lucky indeed! Yeah, I'm glad I'm not saddled with debt... now if only I could finish writing my PhD and get a decent job as a marine biologist or an oceanographer and things would be perfect! ;o)


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