20 May 2020

Corona-Lockdown Spanish Edition - D69 - Thankful for Nature

Went for a lovely walk along the Cape this evening... was hoping there would be fewer people out than usual what with the possibility to meet up with friends at cafés or homes (there weren't).

Calm waters. Lovely sunset. Has been wonderful being able to come out for a walk in the evenings since the desconfinamiento started and they've been slowly letting up on the lockdown restrictions.

My happy place!

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  1. Living in a retirement community on the river, we haven't had as big of a lifestyle change as many others. Of course, dining out with neighbors and getting our nails done was off limits for awhile, as well as our neighborhood parties where we would cram 90 people into our clubhouse for dinner and dancing. But we're slowly having some small gatherings following our current guidelines. But we've continually been encouraged to go out for walks and enjoy nature.

    Wishing you blessings!


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