2 Jan 2013

This is in the middle of nowhere???

Well, almost. This shot is of the inner courtyard of a Renaissance castle on a hill overlooking the town of Calahorra, about 30-40' away from Granada. The others are the exterior, was rushed but the others to go inside so couldn't get a "perfect" shot, but it will give you an idea...


  1. Lovely! You do find some gems in out-of-the-way places, Cris! :-)

    1. My mom gets all the credit. She and my dad spent a weekend in the area last year and since it was really close to Granada wanted to show us this amazing castle on our way home! It gave the guys visiting us a view of Renaissance Spain and what things are like outside of the cities (we took a detoured drive home that gave them an appreciation of how varied the Spanish landscape is)


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