4 Jan 2013

Delightful Christmas surprise!

Yesterday the mailman rang my doorbell and delivered a lovely surprise!

Check out what was inside!!!

Lots of lovely goodies with my name on them! A fabulous mixed Christmas CD with some really awesome songs, a paracord keychain and those funky little lightload towels which are basically the size of a euro coin but then open up real big and are super-absorbent! At least that's what I'm told, I've been dying to check them out for ages! I almost wish I was back in Belgium where a hike is almost guaranteed to be rainy so I know I'd be using them real soon! :p But while waiting for an "excuse" to get a bit wet during a hike, they're already packed away in my hiking pack, and one in my purse for the "just in case". ;o)

But best of all were the lovely hat and scarf crocheted just for me!!! Check them out:

Again thanks a million Kim for this lovely surprise! And since it's still Christmas season in Spain (we celebrate until the feast of Epiphany -a.k.a. Three Kings' Day- on January 6th), I've been listening to that cd over and over! Great mix!!! Funny thing: I'm sure I must have heard Mariah Carey's original version of All I want for Christmas before, but I've heard so many other versions in recent years I couldn't remember it... until I put this cd on. Hers is definitely the best version! ;o)
The hat and scarf are having to wait a bit though... all of the sudden the temperature has risen to 20ºC (68ºF) during the day here in Alicante! Won't last though... so I expect to be bundling up in those real soon! :o)


  1. You lucky person. How wonderful to receive a present when you are least expecting it. That surely is the best kind.

  2. Oh, it's so exciting to see something I made halfway around the world! I'm so glad you liked your surprise, it was fun for me to do it for you. And yes, 68 degrees is a bit warm for a hat and scarf. LOL. Enjoy!

    1. I LOVED my surprise!

      I'll be sure to have my picture taken on a mountaintop where it's sure to be cooler! ;o)

  3. Loved the little tease at first when scrolling through your blog and stumbling on the picture of a mysterious package. Felt like I was waiting to tear it open as the page loaded!
    Your scarf and hat are lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    And I think you have quite an interesting writing style - will be reading more of your blog!


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