10 Sep 2010

Things you do when your computer falls ill or goes on strike...

  1. Péter un cable!!! i.e. get really pissed off...
  2. Go through a series of withdrawal symptons whose intensity is in direct correlation to the time spent without the aforementioned computer.
  3. Hang out a lot more at your parents' house to use their computers (and printers).
  4. Stress out because you have to wait a week until you can even turn it in to the techies (because you are about to leave the country for 4 months and the ones here didn't have time to get the parts before departure), while keeping all your fingers and toes crossed that they will be able to fix it because you just bought a non-refundable ticket to New Zealand to spend the holidays with your sister and therefore can't afford to buy a new computer.
  5. Be grateful all this happened the day before your Apple Care expired and that Apple is so wonderful that after several calls you managed to get a case file and exception number so that it will be repaired a week after the expiration date but still be covered by the Apple Care service.
  6. Think of all the blog posts you planned to be writing during this time (Hogueras wrap-ups, Mallorca on the new travel blog etc.) and in the upcoming weeks (arrival in Belgium, launching new blog...)... but probably wouldn't have anyway 'cause you're freaking out about how to pack a 20kg suitcase with clothes and gear for 4 months and covering 3 different seasons... :p
  7. Rediscover the use of pen and paper as you jot down ideas for this post.
  8. Wonder how you're going to prep the classes you're supposed to start teaching in a week at the Uni in Belgium and keep in touch with the other profs and students for meetings etc. once you're in the country (thank technology for cellphones!)
  9. Keep crossing your fingers that all will end well.
In other words: my computer is out of commission until the tech service in Belgium can replace the fan and keyboard. Rest assured I will be taking it in (to the same store I bought it at!) AS SOON AS I get off the train in Liège on Monday!

Regular blogging should resume sometime after I get it back... and I guess the travel blog will start with stories of Belgium instead of Mallorca... Fishy Fridays will be up and running as well (I'm looking forward to the occasional tour I'll be giving in the Aquarium again!)

And note to Shellbelle: all those figs haven't turned me into a Newton... I'm enjoying my fill since I'm going to miss out on my other favourite fruit with a short season: pomagranates!


  1. Safe journey to Leige and good luck getting the computer sorted! :)

  2. I hope all goes well in Computer-land as well as in Liege. I wondered what happened to you, glad you are well and busy, as always!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your computer dying! I always feel lose when I leave mine, unbroken, at home when I make a trip - I can't imagine the withdrawal if mine was busted!! (And, I feel your pain - my car broke down a while back, and suddenly I was thinking of all the places I could *go.* I think the torture is in being denied something that we think of as commonplace in our everyday lives. Car, computer, etc.


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