25 Sep 2010

The MAC is BACK! and we're both settled in Liège...

Yay! They fixed my computer in 4 days instead of 10! All Hail the MAC Gods!!! :o)

Unfortunately work and a social life kind of got in the way with me finishing this post sooner... (I started it a week ago!) :p

Here it is sitting happily in its new resting place, with a shiny new keyboard (one of the parts that needed changing):

As for the larger setting, well here's what a very decent student lodging (called a kot) looks like in Liège:

About 15m2 I believe, with tall ceilings typical of these old houses. The shower and sink in the room... well considering I'm sharing the place with a bunch of messy guys (judging from the state of the kitchen downstairs), for once I'm pleased the shower is just my own! :p

I didn't need to bring bedding and towels and blankets since a friend of mine here has inherited a lot of those things from "us foreigners" whenever we left and I knew he'd be kind enough to set me up... he even added a cushion so I'd have extra propping-up when reading! It's great when friends know you so well! :o)
A couple of details on the bed I did bring with me... take a guess which ones and why? ;o)

I can't show you the view out the window (into the back yards of various houses) clearly 'cause the blinds are broken (is on owner's "pending" list of things to do), but here's what the view looks like through the blinds:

And here's what the house looks like from the street:

A typical local (old) construction, with the entry grates for coal (for heating/cooking) from "back in the day"...

...which go straight down into the basement:

Let's climb out of the dark...

and head up into the street!

It's a calm residential neighbourhood. Technically no longer in the Liège city limits by a couple of blocks... but next to a bike path that rolls along the river straight towards the Aquarium and into town. A friend might be able to loan me his bike, yay! And more importantly (work-wise) only a few blocks from the University bus stop!

And see how well they welcomed me into the neighbourhood?

They set up a flee market just for me! (kidding)

Classes have started up at the University. I've met half my students and they're ok so far. Will meet the rest next week and get a better feel for the first ones. I hope to find time to write plenty of things about this city and Belgium on my new travel blog "Cris Crossing the Globe", and more personal stories and adventures (have joined the local hiking group, been out in the Walloon hills and forests twice already!) and reviews (yes! am going to start up Monthly Movies and Monthly Reading again!) and of course Fishy Fridays over here.


  1. So does this mean that "Here, There and Everywhere" is only going to be Fishy Fridays and the adventures will be on the other one? Just wondering, as I'm already up to my neck in blogs to follow and want to make sure I'm following the right one for you! Great pictures of the area, it's so beautiful, especially that repaired Mac.

  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear DJan! "Here and There and Everywhere" is going to continue as before with the usual crazyness. "Cris Crossing the Globe" is going to be my travel blog so it's where I plan to tell stories about Belgium while I'm here, New Zealand in January and then other travels as they happen as well as travel trips down memory lane. That's the plan at least... I tried to do a photoblog and that never took off because I kept wanting to use my photos here to tell my stories! :p

    I get what you mean about being up to your neck in blogs to read... if you want when I write something I'm particularly proud of on the other blog I'll mention it here and then you can go check it out! ;o)

    My hiking stories I haven't decided yet where to put them, here or on "cris crossing"... but have to start soon 'cause the first one is almost ready! :p

  3. Hi Cris,

    Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.


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