15 Sep 2010

Reporting from the life of no computers...

Still without my laptop... dropped it off at the MAC place as soon as I got off the train in Liège on Monday. They told me no problem it's still covered by Apple Care in spite of being 10 days past the deadline thanks to all those crazy phone calls I made the day before the deadline when I found out about the prob. I should get it back next Friday. In the meantime I try to lessen my internet withdrawal symptoms thanks to my cellphone's wifi capabilities which allows me to check my e-mail and facebook, but not many other websites (including this one) due to formatting issues. But that's better than nothing! For more I have to find available computers at the University.

Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends in Paris on my way up here. Went cycling around the city... delightful! But my legs weren't that happy with the hills... 3 days later and they're still a bit sore! :p

I've got some neat little lodgings in a quiet part of the City I'd never visited, so that's new! And apparently they're having a street fair this Saturday, yay! I'll be sure to snap some pics and share with you once I'm back in computerland.

My classes don't start 'till next week, and then only half of them, so I'm sleeping in a lot and dawdling around town. Figures the one time I have plenty of available time to blog... no computer!!!

Going to see Inception with a friend this afternoon. Saw it with my dad last month but I relish the chance to see (hear) it in English!!! :o)

And I'm totally psyched that Rafa Nadal won the US OPEN on Monday (wish I could have seen it, snif)!!! He's completed a Career Grand Slam at the very young age of 24!!! That means he's won all four of the big tennis tournaments (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open) at various times in his career. Considering he's also got an Olympic gold medal, the only challenge remaining for him (in my eyes) is to win THE Grand Slam by winning all 4 the same year. Hasn't been done by a man in 40 years? (something like that, Jimmy Connors I think) And the only woman to have done it is Steffi Graff. So BRAVO Rafa and VAMOS RAFA!!! :o)


  1. I hope your computer problems are fixed before long, Cris. And it's always a lovely start to my day to see something posted by you!

  2. Mr. Nadal = YUMMY! I only caught some highlights on the news, but it was an awesome win!

    Good luck with the computer.

    I have yet to see Inception (or any movies lately)...

    Great to have you back!

  3. Well being in Paris without your computer is better than being here without a computer!

  4. Thanks guys! It feels good to see these heartwarming comments coming in! :o)

    And the computer is FIXED!!! A week ahead of schedule! We're getting reacquainted right now... back on the path to blogging asap!

    Inception was even better the second time around, what with being in English instead of Spanish and all that! :p

    And Nancy, yeah, it's better being in Paris (even if just for an afternoon) without a computer than anywhere else! ;o)


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