19 Aug 2010

Figs anyone?

Wow! My cousins have kept me so busy while I'm here in Mallorca I haven't had any time to write... or energy when I did have a bit of time! :p I did manage to start designing my new "travel blog" - Cris Crossing the Globe -, but so much for writing about Mallorca while I'm here! I guess going to bed late, spending the days out visiting towns, mountains, beaches, the capital, scuba diving etc... and hanging out with the cousins and my adorable niece aren't really compatible with blogging! oops!

I did want to put out a few lines while I'm here... because there's one (amongst many!) element of this island that I've been enjoying enormously... there are FIG TREES everywhere!!! 

And 'tis the season of the green fig. YUMMMMM!!! 

Some of you may remember my mentioning my green fig obsession last summer, well once again I'm enjoying this delicious fruit with a bloody short season as much as possible! Proof? Well here I have my cousin looking for and gathering ripe figs for me from a tree by the road:

Fresh off the tree... yummm!!! ;o)

I'll write about Mallorca mostly on my new blog, I just haven't decided yet wether to pre-date them (as if I were writing them live from here) or post them on the real dates I write them... silly, huh? But I will be saving a few crazy scuba and fishy tales for here! ;o)


  1. I love the figs! There is nothing as sweet as a new figure of the tree. I have put fresh figs in summer, but I have enough room in my garden to plant a fig tree. I decided to develop my fig tree in a container on my balcony.
    5 star holidays to majorca

  2. Indeed! Figs are my absolute favourite fruit!!! Well, the green ones, am less fond of the black ones called "brevas" here. Pity they've got such a limited season! One month and they're gone! :o(

  3. Okay, where the heck are you?!?!?!?! Did you eat too many figs and turn into a Newton? I have no idea what that means, it just popped in my head.

    Love your birthday/wedding post. The dresses you received and the one you wore to the wedding are FABULOUS!

    I'm moving again, back to Florida, but just across the border to Jacksonville. Saint Marys turned out not to be so merry for me. I'm taking a break while I pack up again and purge many of my belongings. Time to streamline my existence to something a bit more manageable.

    Hope all is well and that you're just still busy. I LOVE the name of the new blog and can't wait till you start posting on it.



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