8 Sep 2009

TV Addiction: too much internet? :p

Hmmm... do you think it's a sign I maybe spend a bit too much time browsing TV news related websites if I just got an e-mail inviting me as a "frequent commenter" to preview a new series online? :p

Or should I just feel honoured?

Or maybe EW was just sending out the invite to anyone who's commented on their website? Dunno... but anyhow I got sent a link and a code to preview the pilot episode for ABC's new comedy Modern Family:

Hmmm... kind of funny but in a contrived way (to me at least) so not very convincing! I was kind of annoyed by the repeated "interruptions" in the form of interviews of the three main couples as if they were in therapy or something... Although it's an interesting idea for the pilot (to introduce the characters to us), I think it could tiresome very quickly so I hope they don't keep it up throughout the series!

So the basic premise for this series is a tale of what it's like to be part of a "modern family" with three cases studies: An older man and his new much younger wife with her 12 year-old son from a previous marriage; a nuclear family of five with a dad who's not as cool as he thinks and a mom who wants to make sure her eldest daughter doesn't do the same crazy mistakes she did; and a gay couple who've just adopted a baby girl in Vietnam. Why these three families in particular? Well it all comes clear at the end of the pilot and it's a fun reveal so I won't spoil it for you. ;o)

I'm not very experienced in the "review field", so I think I'll send you on to a couple of people who do that quite well:
  • Jace over at Televisionary was quite taken with this new show, particularly with the casting.
  • Michael Ausiello over at The Ausiello Files on EW.com calls it "Easily the best comedy pilot of the new fall season."... um, oh dear! I mean, I giggled a bit, but no outright laughs...
  • The TV Addict also really liked this pilot and called it "the Fall's funniest new show" (here).

Hmm... it's beginning to sound like I just don't get it or something! :p I'm not that big on flatout comedies -with a few exceptions- so that might have something to do with it (although I love some shows with comic elements / witty banter à la House, Bones etc.).

Anyhow, if you're interested the show premieres (for those Sateside) on Wednesday Sept 23rd at 9PM ET/PT on ABC. Let me know what you thought of it! ;o)


  1. Wow! That is so cool, getting sent something to preview - even if they did just send it to everyone who commented!

  2. Looks like it has potential. I'm waiting to see the new one on the book publisher...

  3. Hmmm - think I'm with you. What is a modern family anyway. bof.

  4. Juliette, I was particularly surprised that the link worked! I'm so used to getting the "this video can not be accessed in your geographic location" message that I had my doubts as to wether or not the message was truly intended for me! :p

    Lily, a new one on a book publisher? That's the first I've heard of it!

    O, yeah, what is a modern family? There's a question that's begging for a deep, long sociological / philosophical answer... and I wouldn't be the right candidate since I'm a happy member of a "traditional nuclear" family... oh my, I'm old fashioned! lol! :p

  5. damn! this just got more interesting... Edward Norton will be guest starring!


    I might have to check it out a bit further then... ;o)


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