3 Sep 2009

Movie Madness: BASTERDS!

Now that was FUN!!!

Inglourious Basterds = A fairy tale version of the end of World War II... a rather bloody one I might add! (albeit not as bloody as I feared coming from Tarantino)

My hat's totally off to Daniel Brühl... man can that guy act, and in any language you throw at him! I've now seen him (sans dubbing) in German, English, Catalan, Spanish and French... and none of it has seemed to faze him! He brings his characters realistically to life each time (my favourite so far is still the Spanish film Salvador).

The ladies in this one also do a knock-out job, and manage to look glamorous while doing so (even with some crazy dude poking his finger into her bullet wound, ouch!). I've enjoyed Diane Kruger in other films (Joyeux Noël), but I think it's the first I've seen of Mélanie Laurent.

As for Brad Pitt... well let's just say he kept a big smile on my face whenever he was onscreen! What a crazy-ass character they gave him to play, and he totally pulls it off! And loved the accent! :p

What else? Oh yeah, THANK YOU Tarantino for being linguistically realistic!!! Why would a German SS officer interrogate a Frenchman in English (for the good of the American audience of course, pffft!)? Well here because he has reached the end of his French abilities and has heard the dairy farmer can speak English! So very reasonable! The Germans all speak to each other in German, the French in French, the Anglos in English. And if characters' linguistic abilities don't coincide, bring in the translators! Now that's how I like my films, multi-lingual! :o)


  1. I confess I have a bit of a thing for Daniel Bruhl, though so far I've only seen him act in German and English (Joyeux Noel, Goodbye Lenin!, Ladies in Lavender) so I'll have to go find the French..!

  2. French in Basterds! (mixed with German)

    He was in Ladies in Lavender? I'll have to rent that one! :o)

    If you really like him you should definitely check out Salvador (Puig Antic). Not the most joyous of films, but an excellent movie and he's the centre of it and is wonderful!

  3. I've been eyeing this movie, but must see Julie and Julia first - before it leaves the theater.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Julie and Julia hasn't hit the screens in Europe yet! :s

    But yeah, I too try and organise my movie going to see the older flics first so I don't miss out on the few good ones. ;o)


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