29 Sep 2009

Silence on the Belgian Front


So it's been pretty quiet around here. No posts in a week?!?! Sorry 'bout that, particularly about Fishy Friday! :o(

Most of my classes started up last week and since I'm so disorganised I spent way too much time preparing them, rushing to avoid arriving late to them and meeting with students for an oral evaluation to see if they could be exempt from class participation.

I've also kept up doing guided tours in the Aquarium and Zoology Museum in my "free" time and I've had to sit down and study a bunch of material on Charles Darwin for our special exhibit...

Throw in an engineering-related (scary!) translation and it's no wonder my Fishy Friday post is only 1/2 done! (That and trying to find a video somewhere online of dogfish reproductive behaviour).

And now I've gone and got myself a nasty cold... my yearly "welcome to the Fall" cold is EARLY!!! That's what I get for coming north I guess... UGH! My head feels so backed up it's rush hour on the Beltway! Tomorrow I'm going to show up for class looking like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer... sigh!

As soon as this clears up I'm back in action. Fortunately I happen to have 1/2 a Fishy Friday post already written (lol!) so there should be no problemo this week! ;o)

Hope everyone else is having a better transition between seasons...


  1. Two words: sinus rinse

  2. except I have no idea what that is! I'll have to google it... :p

  3. Anonymous30/9/09 14:06

    Hi Cris! Sorry you're sick! I used to get an end of winter cold every year. But being isolated in the mountains, I haven't had a cold in years now (KNOCK ON WOOD)!!! I'm sure once I start walking among the living, I'll be susceptible to germs again, ick!!! LOL
    Is Belgium a permanent move for you?

  4. I think with a sinus rinse, you just "snort" a bunch of salt water - just like when you are diving (only less pleasant). It sounds nasty and it kind of stings, but it does work. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Dive Girl: YUCK! and without the benefit of seeing some pretty fishies?! :s I'll have to think about it...

    Rain, not permanent. Just replacing a teacher on maternity leave until Christmas. I know they say "never say never", but I lived here 8 years before and I have no intention of settling down here in any "permanent" fashion! Not enough sunlight for my taste! :p


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