16 Nov 2014

Missing (in Action): a crazy redheaded blogger!

Action is definitely the operative word! I've been M.I.A. precisely because of that A! Very busy, with little or no time left to write! Well, I do have the evenings at home, but I get in so late and so tired that all I want to do is grab a quick bite for dinner, veg out for an hour in front of the boob tube, and go to bed!

So far in 2014 I've managed to publish every month (even if it was just once, pathetic!) up until August. Then silence through September and October. I actually have several drafts started, things I was excited about when they happened and wanted to share, but then couldn't find the time to finish writing them! :(

Most of the busy-ness and fatigue come from the new job I started in May (not going into details, but I'm working on EU-funded projects for University development, collaborations between EU universities and other universities in the developing world). The job is very interesting and I really like the work itself and the people I work with, but it's also quite stressful and very tiring (very looong workdays). Another point - that to some could be a negative but for me is, so far, a big plus - is that it involves a lot of traveling. I've got several trips under my belt so far (Kenya, Burkina Faso, Rwanda...), and a crazy agenda on the horizon for 2015 (for more info see my travel blog CrisCrossing the Globe)!

Plus I've still got two English students whom I see on Monday and Tuesday evenings after work and Saturday mornings. It's their last year of high school, I've taught them for most (or all) of their secondary education so when the parents asked me to please continue with them this year (even knowing my job would result in cancelled classes from time to time due to the trips) I felt like I couldn't say no... Crazy me!

And end of August to mid September was just crrrrrazy month for my family: my sister got married here in Alicante!!! Which meant lots of organization work (particularly 'cause she lives in New Mexico, so lots of long-distance coordination), a long visit and plenty of things to do with family and friends around the big date. Was a blast! I actually have a half-written post about it that I might get around to finishing one day...

I've been so busy I have barely been home 2 weekends in the past 6(?) weeks! And haven't been able to go out hiking 'cause whenever I got news of a hike... I was out of town!!! Or if in town I had to teach that day. *sigh*

No diving since August either. Although I do have a fabulous tale to tell (another half-written post) about scuba diving over an underwater archaeological site!!! The remains of a sunken Roman ship. With a visit to the local archaeology museum and discussion with the lead archaeologist. Was fascinating! Definitely need to finish writing that...

So, LOTS going on. Just no time/energy to share...

Time to sign off. I need to prepare fixing my meals for the week. Ttupperwares in the freezer are my new best friend! Them and the microwave at work. :P 

Will try to write more. Promise!!! But there might be more action over at CrisCrossing the Globe since I might take advantage of little bits of free time during my trips (and having the photos handy on my work computer) to write about them while they're fresh in my mind (at least that's the idea, we'll see how reality plays out).

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  1. Sounds tiring, but exciting. I know the frustration of not posting. I have a bunch of unfinished pieces I will get to some day. No really, I will.



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