5 Jan 2015


I'm a little bit late to the party... but Christmas in Spain doesn't end until Epiphany tomorrow so I can still say:

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did! I enjoyed time with loved ones in the flesh and via Facetime

Had fun with the opening of presents

Ate way too much food on Christmas Eve in Alicante and Christmas Day in Valencia

Had a lovely week relaxing and hanging out with a friend visiting from Luxembourg

And partied the night away on New Year's Eve!

I wish you all a very happy 2015! And my main resolution (other than the "typical" lose weight and do more exercise) is BLOG MORE!!! ;o)


  1. Happy 2015! Hope you keep your resolution. I love reading your blog. Hope the cold isn't keeping your down...

    1. I definitely intend to keep it up! :o)

      As for the cold... if it's the atmospheric then not a problem, nice and sunny and not too cold in Alicante!
      If it's the nose-cold... it's not as bad as I feared it would be, but the big problem is sneezing or coughing 'cause my back has decided to join in the fun so whenever I sneeze or cough OWWWW! :p

  2. It's so nice to see your "face" here again, Cris! I have been enjoying the Grand Hotel on Netflix and only have 12 more episodes to go. I have grown accustomed to Castilian Spanish, enough to understand more than half the words. :-)

    1. Nice to be seen and to see you DJan!
      Grand Hotel? I don't know that one? How is it that you about an interesting Spanish series and I don't?! I'll have to look into that one!
      As for good Spanish series, you should definitely check out Isabel!!! Just finished a month ago (3 seasons), an adaptation of Queen Isabella's (of Coulmbus fame internationally) life. Really good one!

  3. Happy Holidays to you! Looking forward to hearing from you more in 2015.


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