13 Nov 2012

Two VERY scary words: B----- S------

As in Bypass Surgery.

Anyone know anything about it? Someone who's been through it? How they did after?

My dad's going in for it today... and I've been kind of silently freaking out about it for days.

Good points: it's preventative (as in "let's fix this before it causes a problem" and "how on earth have you not had a problem yet with those coronary arteries so full of lesions?") and his heart is super strong (anybody who knows him could have told you that doc!) and everyone says (starting with him) he'll be tearing up the tennis courts again in no time.

Bad points: they're going to frakking stop his heart!!! And plug him into a machine!!! And grab some piece of vein from the leg and stick it in place of two (or three) of his coronary arteries!!! But before all that they're going to cut through his sternum with a saw and crack open his chest... NOT GOOD!!! >:(

Like I said. Freaking out.


  1. Cris: I'm saying a prayer for your Dad. Like you said, better that they caught this now than later. Let me know when the surgery is over. Hugs!

  2. My mother had this surgery years ago. It's gotten to be routine, Cris. The hard part is the healing up because of the sternum being cut. Once that has healed, he will be better than ever! I am not making light of it, but wishing you and your dad well and hoping to hear soon he came out of it stronger than ever.

  3. A colleague of mine had this done about 8 years ago. As scary as it was going in, he came out with flying colors. Within a couple of months he was almost back at 100% and feeling better than ever.

    This is something they do all the time and know what they are doing. Catching something like this now puts him at a great advantage because he is younger now and probably in better health than he would be if this hand't been caught

  4. Hope your Dad's recovering well xx

  5. Both my cousin and her husband in France had these operations – actually he had it done twice and they are both doing great. It sound scary but it is a standard procedure now. All my wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery.

  6. My thoughts are with you and your family. J's dad went through it in February and has mended nicely since, but it did take some time for him. *smiles*

  7. Thank you all for your well wishes! Things have been too hectic for me to "stop by" before to say that.
    He's now home and doing really well so YAY! But was definitely scary... even if we know it's now a "standard" procedure.

    Now the only problem will be keeping him away from his heavy pots and pans in the kitchen until his sternum has healed up some more. And I wonder how long we'll be able to keep him away from the tennis court... the Surgeon said he should be in shape in time for the Australian Open. Maybe he could join Nadal's training team? ;o)


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