19 Nov 2012

Home Sweet Home

Ouf! That was a crazy-scary-stressful-intense week and I am SO glad it is over!

My dad's operation went beautifully (according to the surgeons). Triple bypass using a long vein from his leg for two parts and the third, the big one, with an artery from the breast (apparently we have an artery back there we don't really need!). Doctors did it in just over 3h and my mom and I were there to see him enter the ICU right after. Was really weird seeing him all plugged in and asleep. Good thing he was asleep 'cause he had a tube sticking out of his throat and connected to a ventilator! Very freaky to see your dad in a scene straight out of House or Grey's Anatomy... He ended up spending 2 1/2 days in the ICU, drifting in and out of sleep and bored out of his mind when he was awake. We were only allowed to visit from 12h-12h30 and 18h-18h30. Not much. The first day he kind of kicked us out after 20' by saying "good night", but on the second he was cracking jokes and sharing some crazy dream about being a spy (I knew I shouldn't have taken him to see Skyfall and Argo just before all this!).

happy to be out of the ICU

Friday at noon we finally managed to break him out of the ICU (ok, we had the doctor's permission) and get him to his regular hospital room. Exciting since a) he got his glasses back, b) there was a TV -just in time for the Davis Cup final!-, c) he wasn't "plugged in" to anything anymore so could get up and move around (carefully) and d) there was an extra bed for my mom to sleep in and keep him company! :o)

His recovery has gone so well the doctors even discharged him a day early, today! Now we just need to keep an eye on him so he doesn't over-exert himself this week. His sternum needs time to knit back together after being sawed in half... Problem is he's not the most patient of patients! :p He already plans on heading off to choir practice tomorrow morning with his guitar!!! pfffffft!!!

showing my sister (via Facetime) that his guitar skills are intact

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! :o)

And in case I don't have time to stop by again (this will be another insane week running errands for my parents and cooking the main meals -including Thanksgiving dinner, a challenge!- since my dad's not allowed to), I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My family definitely has something BIG to be thankful for this year. :o)


  1. I'm so happy everything is good. Your dad seems like such a sweetie. Looks like hiking will be out of the question for him for awhile. Have a wonderful week and a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs!

  2. This is wonderful news! We had pillows all over the house for my mom when she had this surgery, so she could just grab one for coughing or (ouch) sneezing! Now you will have a really fabulous Thanksgiving, with lots to be thankful for... :-)

  3. Thanks guys! We had a fabulous Thanksgivings... and yup, pillows within easy reach of my dad at all times! He's almost been home a week now and is doing amazingly well after such an intense surgery! :o)

  4. Glad you are out of the ICU! I hope you don't mind my visit to yout blog sir. I would love to become your newest follower if I may.

    1. Pleased to meet you! Welcome to my crazy corner of the blog-o-sphere! But the sir is my dad... ;o)

  5. Wow. I'd say that the successful operation is DEFINITELY a reason for which to be thankful! I'm glad that your father is in better health and in great spirits! :)


    1. Thx! Couple of weeks later he's doing even better, although still a bit frustrated by his current physical limitations. Fortunately Christmas should cheer him right up! :o)


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