4 Nov 2012

Halloween and Todos Santos

Most years I don't do anything around Oct 31st - Nov 1st, but this year both my American and Spanish sides got to enjoy some of the "traditional" Halloween / All Saints' Day (Todos Santos) action! 
A friend of mine decided to do a big Halloween dinner on Wednesday (Nov 1st being a holiday we have no worries about staying out late on Halloween!) and I offered to bake a cake:

Yummy pumpkin Jack'o'Lantern cake with pumpkin icing!

While I was baking it groups of kids from my apartment complex kept showing up trick'or'treating (globalisation!), and they got me in the mood for putting together some kind of costume for the dinner so I went digging around in my closet and came up with this:

When I got to my friend's house I discovered that her boyfriend (who loves cooking) had outdone himself! He went online looking for ideas of Halloween food...

Care for a severed hand or some slightly burnt intestines? No? Well how about a delicious bat, ghost, mummy or spider? ;o)

The pumpkin cake went along very well with these chocolate spiders:

Not only did it all look disgusting amazing, it was delicious! :o)  

 We definitely had a blast!

Then the next morning I got together with my parents and Grandmother (she's visiting from Valencia) to visit my great-grandmother's grave in Altea (where my mom was born) and leave some flowers.

three generations

Then we walked along the beach at la Olla a bit and had lunch nearby.

It had been very windy so the waves were fun to watch:

That structure behind me is what's left of an old machine gun bunker from the Spanish Civil War (in case of attack by sea). Here's a closer look:

All in all a great 24h! :o)


  1. Your Halloween costume and all the food looked great! Loved your 3 generation photo and tell your dad he looks very dapper in his white hat!

    1. He does, doesn't he?
      lol! I half expected you to tell me that bunker would be a great place for a geocache! ;o)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. The food looked so fun - very talented. Glad to hear is tasted great too.

    1. Yup, an excellent time! :o)

  3. Looks like a great party. Love all the cakes especially those ghosts.

  4. I also especially like those ghosts. And you look quite dapper yourself in your pirate outfit! It does look like it was a great 24 hours! :-)

  5. Those ghosts were DELICIOUS!!! He filled them with a mixture of some kind of cream cheese and diced jamón serrano (cured Spanish ham, think prosciutto if you're familiar with the Italian version).

    I had fun digging through the closet to see what I could combine for the pirate outfit. Of course wouldn't have worked if I hadn't still had the hat from all those years ago! :p

  6. I absolutely love your costume and the fun food ideas for the party! What joy and creativity! :D

    As for La Toussaint (well, Todos los Santos), it amazed me how somber the day generally is in France. The most color that you get comes from the flowers placed on relatives' tombstones.


    1. We definitely had a blast with it all! :o)

      I guess when you actually think about it... a day to remember all your dead loved ones would be a bit somber, right? Unless you're in Mexico where it's a fiesta! ;o)


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