8 Jun 2012

Happy World Oceans Day! oops!

Sorry folks, but if you're seeing this post instead of the solution to the Fishy Guessing Game then it means I didn't have time to complete my post in the rare moments I had internet access while sailing between the Saronic islands in Greece... my bad! If it makes you feel any better I'm probably terribly sunburnt right now! :p

Fortunately I programmed this (and the other guessing posts) ahead of time so I could wish you a


I'll finish up my fishy post asap and launch the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon as soon as I get home tomorrow! Might even buy internet credit in the Barcelona airport (I do have a 5h layover) to get a heads start...

I can't wait to see what you guys have prepared to celebrate World Oceans Day! :o)


  1. You are making me feel guilty for not having done a WOD post for this year. I am so impressed with your dedication and resolve! Hurry home, Cris! :-)

    1. You're so busy with hiking and sky diving DJan, I'm still amazed you manage to write as much as you do!

  2. Hope you've been having a fantastic time with your family! I've got my WOD post finished....yay. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has posted as well.

    1. I'm EXHAUSTED!!! So I guess I had a really good time! ;o) Well, I know I did! :o)

  3. Hi Cris!
    hope you are enjoying the gorgeous WATERS while cruising ..
    we join you in the celebration:
    Happy WORLD OCEANS day!
    today, we are toasting the Oceans with icy cold water!
    Salute! ceers!
    warmest hugs..

    1. Oh Louie, the Aegean is GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful clear blue waters!!! Sadly not enough wind to do much sailing, but that meant it was perfect for swimming and snorkelling! Cold when you first jump in, then warm after swimming. Perfect! :o)

  4. hope you've been having a wonderful time!!!!! I blogged for the Blog-A-Thon! Happy World Oceans Day and many many more to come--peace!


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