7 Jun 2012

Final Fishy Clues!

Last two clues in our fishy guessing game! Have you figured it out yet? These two should confirm any guesses you might have made! Might also help if I reminded you that many of those clues are things I've told you about this fish in a Fishy Fridays episode... did anyone remember that? ;o)

Final clues:
9. I look like a snake
10. I've played a villain in a Disney movie

So, tomorrow is WORLD OCEANS DAY!!!  :o)

And Saturday the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon begins! You've got until Sunday evening to finish up with your posts! ;o)


  1. That's what i said on the last Post..
    an Eel!

  2. Well, kind of! But not really!

    I just got home, am heading out to the supermarket for food (gone for a week = empty fridge!) and once I kick off the Oceanic Blog-A-THon I'll get back to finishing my fishy post! ;o)


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