3 Jun 2012

Fishy clues 1 & 2

World Oceans Day is this Friday!!!

And in preparation for my Oceanic Blog-A-Thon post I'm going to feed you little clues like a goldfish gets morsels of fish food... a couple a day! I'm currently off on a sailing trip so I won't be able to tell you if you've guessed right (but please do try in the comments, will be fun to see who got it!), you'll have to wait and see when the main post goes up! That will either be Friday if I am able to finish it in time while I have an internet connection, or Saturday when I get home. I hope you're working on your WOD's post! ;o)

Here go the first two clues:
1. I'm a marine fish (although some people might think I don't look like one)
2. I can been found in deep and shallow and warm and temperate waters all over the world
Any ideas?


  1. Cris~
    is the creature edible (for human consumption?)
    is the critter a true FISH..
    or something totally unlike...like cuttlefish?
    I'll be there!!

  2. No idea! I will check back here to see if anyone else knows, though. :-)

  3. Yes it's a TRUE bony fish, and it's edible (but I don't know anyone who eats it).

    Clues get more helpful as time goes by! ;o)

    PS: sailing between the Greek isles is FABULOUS and GORGEOUS!!! :o)
    and if I'm lucky I'll set up a scuba dive in a couple of days and maybe seen one of these fish...


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