16 Sep 2011

Unpacking memory lane

Moving is usually very annoying and downright exhausting, especially when it seems to be a neverending process because you haven't been able to get your act together all summer to tackle those final boxes (6 in the bedroom and at least a dozen or so on the balcony). But sometimes opening up those boxes can take you on a trip down memory lane!

I unpacked a couple of boxes today marked "fragile" and "childhood deco", one of which had been packed away since at least Christmas 2004 (and the other one maybe ditto). The result brought smiles:

 I was never into dolls much, definitely more of a stuffed animal gal. So the fact that I kept these three means they meant a lot to me.

But memory is fleeting and I'm shocked that I can't remember my Cabbage Patch Kid's name (although I do remember nagging my parents a bit until I got one, lol!)!

More memories. I think the pillow at the top of the photo must have been one of my earliest sewing projects, and a gift for... well it's pretty obvious who it was for, right? 

My parents gave it back to me when she died. Not as well made as that other gorgeous pillow which is from the land of my birth, and is probably older than I am! And the dreamcatcher was made for me by a family friend (who used to run a daycare centre a couple of houses down from us when I was a baby and so is probably also responsible for the tray) one summer I stayed with her in Minneapolis. Strange fact: ever since that summer I can't remember a single dream, and I'd even go so far as to say I don't dream, except for the fact that everyone dreams. Right?

A photo is worth a thousand words, right? These are chock full of memories! 

Including my final visit with my grandmother before she died. A fabulous ski trip during my Christmas holidays first year of Uni. And carrying my youngest (on the US side) cousin who just started college this past month.

Anyhow, thought I'd share it with you guys. Now I just have to figure out where to put everything!!! As well as the other things (lots of photos and deco items) that I know are lurking in some of the other boxes... *sigh* 

Break is over. Time to get back to work. :p


  1. Hi!
    how familiar!!
    I've moved so many times that I've lost count..
    and since my move here in 2005, I've still about 10 boxes waiting patiently until ..well who knows?
    my labeling method lets me know exactly the contents !
    i really have no place to put these items..
    so they will remain boxed until the next move..
    good luck!
    back to work for both of us!!

  2. Whoa! That is a lot of loot to find a home for. But well worth it, Cris. Thanks for sharing your journey into the past with me! :-)

  3. Aw :) I don't want to think about how many boxes are stored in my parents' loft... And yes, everyone dreams (My thesis was on ancient dream reports so there's a random section on scientific research on dreaming in the Introduction!)

  4. I have several boxes of things stowed away from when I first moved away from home. I did, however, hang on to my prized toy - Miss Mouse! (Her head had to be sown back on twice that I remember.) And somewhere here I've stowed my "blankie". ^.^ Isn't it nice to run across those things and remember the good times? Thanks for sharing the photos and the memories!!

  5. Oh - N is for Nicky! I pressed enter too soon!

  6. Isn't it interesting how we hold on to things? Its fun to open the boxes up and find an unexpected treasure. The memories they hold are priceless.

  7. I thought I had moving licked because the last time I moved I had very little stuff and was all smug about it. Except when it comes to ACTUALLY moving, you suddenly find you have a ton more than you thought you had and no, it will NOT all fit in the back of one tiny car. Gah.

    Good luck with it all.

  8. @Louie: I've lost count of the number of moves I've done as well! And after my previous move, from Belgium back to Alicante, I actually had a dozen or so boxes stacked up on the balcony for 3 years! I'm finally unpacking them now... after moving to another apartment! There wasn't any point before, much as I missed the books inside them, there just wasn't any place to put them and at least packed up they were out of the way and protected!

  9. @DJan: I'm slowly finding a place for it all! Well, some things will be wrapped up and packed up again for a future date (childhood deco & mementos).

    @Juliette: I dread opening the boxes with my research papers! I haven't the heart to toss it all away, but I haven't the space (or use) for it either! Perhaps a nice bonfire would at least let me enjoy it... ;o)

    @Nicky: my favourite bear, "Teddy", went through the "animal hospital" so many times he's quite scarred! Now I've got him wrapped up in my "blankie" in a plastic box that I call my "childhood treasure chest"! There are some things I REFUSE to get rid of!

  10. Tell me about it Veg! When I moved out of Belgium 3 years ago, I thought it would be quick and easy... after all, I had mostly books and notes and just a few deco items. HA! My dad showed up with a friend in a truck (drove up from Spain, love them!) the evening before the move... and he still had to pitch in for a couple of hours to get it finished! Packing things up is a never-ending job!!!

    Seems like unpacking is as well... :p


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