15 Sep 2011

Current status of Project 365: R.I.P.

Damn. Well, so much for that idea! Between the fact that I kept forgetting to take pictures each day, and the fact that I could always muster the will to upload them onto my computer, edit them and then upload them to the blog daily... *sigh* I just stopped at some point in June when I realised how far behind I was and how many other things I had on my plate (like work, and moving, and World Oceans Day).

I might try again next year. Maybe not. We'll see. Was anyone else out there doing something like this? Have you managed to keep it up? (Juliette???)

Here are a few of the photos I have in my 365 file waiting to be uploaded, figured I might as well give some of them a chance to come out and play:

May 14: a young flamenco dancer in San Vicente's "Feria Andaluza"
May 20: "Indignados" in Alicante - protestors against the current politcal system
May 22: not too old to dig into his birthday cake with his bare hands!
May 24: fun in the water
May 27: bowl of my favourite cereal (brought from UK by my sis, can't get it here, sniff!)
June 9: the nightmare of moving back in
June 12: the adorableness of my aunt's dog's puppies (6 others were stillborn)
June 15: my geek cred (the dvds are in the living room)


  1. Sometimes, Cris, life just keeps getting in the way of all our great ideas! But quality instead of quantity and following a preconceived agenda just doesn't cut it as much as just a well-planned "hey, look at THIS!" like you just did. Great shots! Love 'em all!!

  2. Yes, I'm still going! I totally fell behind on getting them online though, especially as I had to keep editing out all the photos that showed where I live, or had other people in them. But I'm still going! I might do it again next year, as my Dad pointed out that way I could follow up Project 365 with Project 366 ;)

  3. DJan, I was trying to go for both quantity (although not much since it was supposed to be 1/day) and quality... but yeah, life can just be that way! ;o)

    Juliette: lol! I hadn't thought about that! Project 366... took me a few moments for that to click and remember 2012 is a leap year! :p


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