19 Sep 2011

A Good Night's Sleep Worst Enemy

grrrrrr... I have 5 bites on my left arm alone (plus a couple on other arm and legs)! Bloody thing has been buzzing in my ear all night. Tried to kill it several times but missed. Result? Finally got out of bed at 5:30 a.m. (after 5h of fractured sleep) looking for something to do. Drowsiness is starting to kick in again, so maybe I'll give it another go. Good thing I don't have to teach until the afternoon! But if I do manage to fall back asleep too bad for the various tasks that needed doing this morning...

Now where is that bloodsucker hiding?



  1. You said it, Cris! The hardest thing to do is sleep with that buzzing... and the bites. Hope you make up for it tonight!!

  2. Mosquitos are the worst. Here, we have to worry about them carrying the West Nile virus, so when I hear or see them, I break out the bug spray and go on the attack.

  3. After 3 nights (including one of switching rooms a couple of times, the damn bug kept finding me!) I finally bought one of those liquid anti-bug thingies that you plug in the electrical socket and last night enjoyed the peace and quiet! :o)

    Dive Girl: virus-carrying mosquitos?! Vade retro!!!


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