19 Feb 2011

Project 365 - 50

reflections of Ancient Greece (Parthenon carvings)


  1. I love this photo! It's such an unusual angle/view

  2. hehehe! it's a case of figuring out a way to circumvent the rules!!! :D

    You're frustratingly not allowed to take any photos in the Acropolis museum (where all the artefacts and carvings collected from the Acropolis are located) for some stupid (unexplained) reason, and the only time you're allowed to take ANY photos is up on the 4th floor. It's the room where all the reliefs taken from the Parthenon are located (those you see here), placed in the relative positions they would be if on the actual temple (including replicas of the Elgin marbles in the British Museum... and boy are the Greeks pissed about those!). The only photo you can take is out the window for an "up high" view of the Acropolis. But since it was night-time... I actually had better views of what was BEHIND me thanks to the reflections in the windows! :p

    So what you're seeing here is a photo of a reflection of the Parthenon carvings in the window that is looking out at the Acropolis! :o)

    Necessity IS the mother of invention!


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