16 Feb 2011

Project 365 - 47

New Life (a friend at 12 weeks)


  1. How exciting, hope all goes well for your friend!

    I've put some of mine - the ones OK to go on the wider net - up at the main Project 365 website, which I only dsicovered a couple of weeks ago! I'm here: http://365project.org/juliette/365/2011-01

  2. Thanks Juliette! We're all really excited here, she's the first of my close friends in Alicante to be pregnant.

    Damn... I went to check out your Project 365 file, and several hours later I've gone through yours, set up mine, browsed a few others... and now I'm finally going to bed at 1h30!!! My head feels like it's going to explode! But thanks for showing that to me :o)


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