17 Apr 2016

Alicante is SWINGING!

So apparently there's a festival going on in Alicante this week called "Eat My Soul" (8th edition, a week dedicated to "Black Music"), starting this weekend, and going all out next weekend with a series of concerts, showings of movies/documentaries, a New Orleans food market and much more (which I'll miss out, out of town!)

I headed into town this morning to catch some of the action, and boy was it a blast!!! Swinging their way through the streets of the old part of town to the tune of "El Refugio Swing Band" (I didn't even know you could play a bass while moving it around!) and watching the people from "Alicante Lindy Hop" swing dancing (wish I could do that! Might sign up for classes in the Fall!). Check out these photos and videos! 

Here are the musicians:
Swinging their way through Alicante!

And here are the dancers!

Alicante Lindy Hop takes to the streets of Alicante!

That last video got cut a bit abruptly as I ran out of space of the phone... Unfortunate 'cause I LOVE that song! 

I've been moving to the rhythm all day... even once back at home! ;o)

PS: And yes this means I'm hopefully back on the Blog(s)! (fingers crossed!)


  1. That all looks like a lot of fun!

    1. I know!!! I'm thinking I might try to join a class next Fall, but it's not easy when you request a spot without a partner, apparently there's a long waiting list... :o(

  2. Looks like awesome fun to me! I love spring and summer when all the street events and outdoor stuff's going on. Should be starting up here soon too. I hope you had some alcoholic beverages and a good ol' boogie.

    Yes, I said boogie!

  3. VEG I might have moved to the beat a bit... albeit discreetly. ;o)


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