14 Jan 2016

Day 14 - Challenge on Nature Photography

DAY 14 in the #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.

LAST DAY in the Nature Photography Challenge! I thought I'd go out with a triple bang, and share some shots from the safari I went on in Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania last October (stayed for a couple of days after a work trip in Dar es Salaam). Was amazing!!! (click them bigger)

Giraffes are funny! :)

While zebras are crazy. ;)

And lions are lazy! :p

Well this was a fun experience! Plus it gave me an excuse to dust off some photos... I hope you enjoyed it too.


  1. Cris -- I have loved following your posts over the past fourteen days. You have so many beautiful photos that show just how many adventures you have had. Thank you so much for sharing all of them with us.

    1. So happy to hear you've enjoyed them ChrisB! It was a great excuse to take a photographic nature trip down memory lane.
      In this age of digital photography we tend to accumulate photos and forget about them... I need to do more with mine. ;)


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