6 Jun 2013

Who am I? (5)

It's the final day in the World Oceans Day guessing game!!! And these last three clues pretty much give it all away! You'll get the full scoop on our mystery critter tomorrow during the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon!


13. My first pair of appendages, which I use to place food in my mouth, are called chelicerae. They're present in all my relatives, which is why our subphylum is called the Chelicerata.

14. Some people find my shape reminds them of a horseshoe...

15. My name is a misnomer! I am not a crab!!! (but we are distantly related)



  1. LOL

    When I saw your post on Facebook the other day, I figured out the answer. I have loved reading all your clues as a lot of what you posted I did not know -- blue blood? Awesome!

    As we speak, hundreds and thousands of these creatures are mating and laying their eggs just up the road from me. It is truly a sight to behold -- these incredible creatures are fascinating to watch.

    Looking forward to all the posts tomorrow!

    1. My dad told me stories about seeing them on the Delaware beaches of the Chesapeake Bay as a kid. He made them sound quite scary, like aliens!

  2. Well, I only know because I went to Wikipedia and looked for the genus. I know I am not a genius, but your whole idea was ingenious! (I couldn't resist, Cris.) Horseshoe crab, right? :-)

  3. Oh, I should have guessed that based on seeing one in Florida a couple weeks ago.

    1. Where do you think I go the idea from Kim?! I was searching for inspiration for this year's mystery marine critter, and inspiration came and found me thanks to you! ;o)

  4. Ok so see this was totally biased against those who've never been to the East Coast! :)
    Chris - a friend of mine lives up the coast a few hours near an Elephant Seal mating ground. Oh my God, those things smell AWFUL.

    1. Well, I've been to the East Coast, I've even lived there! But never saw one until my Zoology class here in Alicante so... no bias! Besides, I hadn't even realized until I was in the midst of writing the clues that it was only present on the East Coast! I also had no idea that people who have actually seen these critters would be so quick to recognise it! But I gather it's quite a memorable experience... ;o)

      Where on earth does your friend live to be near an elephant seal mating ground?! Chile?! Argentina?! Lucky!!! And yeah, I can imagine the smell! I've walked through a penguin colony and that was no bed of roses either! :p

    2. Central California. :)
      Elephant seals are so freaking huge, they don't even look like animals. They're like blubbery rocks that make the ugliest noises. Plus they just lay there so that in pictures it looks like a hundred dead blubbery rocks washed up on the beach. :/ A penguin colony sounds adorable!

    3. California?!?!?! I had no idea!!!

      A penguin colony (of adelies) is yes adorable, but especially STINKY and NOISY!!! :p


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