4 Jun 2013

Who am I? (3)

Day three means three new clues to help you identify the mysterious oceanic critter!
Maybe these will be the ones to help you figure it out?
You'll get the answer on Friday in time for the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon!

Here are your new clues!

7. I have two compound lateral eyes and five simple eyes on my carapace. 

8. I "breathe" (capture oxygen from the water) using book gills (flat, leaflike gills), present on some of my abdominal appendages.

9. I am a true blue-blood! (You can call me "your highness"!) This is because my blood uses hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin to carry oxygen. The copper present in the hemocyanin makes it blue!


Previous clues here and here. New clues tomorrow! 


  1. I give up! Give me the answer right now! Please? :-)

    1. DJan! No giving up!!! The final clues on Thursday will pretty much give away the answer, which will be confirmed on Friday! ;o)

  2. Lobster? I know nothing about marine life. Except about sharks. Because sharks are freaking awesome.

    Is it one of those creepy deep sea fish that haunt my nightmares?

    1. Definitely NOT a creepy deep sea fish! (What kind of nightmares do yo have?!)

  3. Kim, Sunbunny... you guys and Dive Girl yesterday are all guessing in the same group! Crustaceans! It's pretty close, but no cigar! Same phylum, different subphylum... And I'm not giving away any more than that! ;o)


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