12 Aug 2012


Did anyone notice the changing "Doodles" each day during the Olympics over at Google.com? Two weeks of Olympic Sports in Doodles! And some of them were actually games you got to play with your arrows and space bar... old school fun! :p

I thought they were quite fun and saved all the images (had to be a bit creative to get the interactive ones) and here they are! Just click on the first one and then the arrows to go on to the next to get them in a larger view than here below.

You can see all these (and more!) at Google's Doodle page. And for more information on the individual ones from these Olympics here's an interesting webpage I happened upon.

Which was your favourite? Although I had quite a bit of fun jumping hurdles, shooting hoops, stopping goals and racing the rapids, my favourite was definitely the first one I noticed: the synchronised swimming! You?

Closing Ceremony tonight... It's been fun and intense and I'm ready for the Olympics to be over! I've spent waaaaay too much time in front of the TV and my computer screen these past two weeks! :p


  1. I played with some of the interactive ones and checked them out every day. What fun they were! I even did pretty well with the soccer ball! :-)

    1. Ouch! I didn't do so well with the soccer ball 9or the kayak), was better with the hurdles! :p


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