5 Dec 2011

Why did the salmon cross the road?

Apparently because it was confused by the flooding in Washington State last week! Click on it to go to the YouTube page for more info.

Definitely WEIRD!!!


  1. Since I live in Washington, I already saw this one. Amazing, wasn't it??

  2. Hi Cris! Thanks for your sweet comment, it is SO nice to back with my blogging friends!

    I didn't hear about this, so thanks for sharing. I have one word to say — DINNER!

  3. LOL - I'm with Shellbelle! Smoked with some cream cheese on a toasted bagel.

  4. DJan, I'd figured you'd probably heard about it! ;o)

    Freaky and dinner... I LOVE the reactions! But I think those critters would probably suffice for several dinners, they're huge!!!


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