7 Dec 2011

Christmas Trip Down Memory Lane: the '70s

Care to join me as I latch on to the Ghost of Christmas past and visit my past Christmases while I prepare for the jolly season?

Let's start at the very beginning (after all, it's a very good place to start!):

Yeah, I know... you can't see me anywhere in there, right? Well look again! But with an ultrasound this time! (it seems they were already "in the know" having recently gone to the doctor to check up on a little "constipation" problem...) ;o)  They fled north to spend the holidays with the family in Virginia, apparently fed up of the "fake Christmas trees" on the grass in Panama... :p

On to my first full Christmas experience... rocking the bell-bottoms in Virginia (visiting from Minneapolis)!

Hmmm... the time machine seems to refuse stopping by 1977! What's with that??? I have my top scientist (a.k.a. "mom") looking into the matter as we speak (i.e. digging through old photo albums).

Update: problem solved! Here's Christmas #2, in an image that doesn't bode well for my future phone bills...

In Minneapolis, decorating the tree for Christmas #3, getting musical and opening presents with my Grandma:

never too early to start with the music!

It's been 16 1/2 years since she died, but I still miss her so much!

So on to the end of 1979 (still MN) with an "intruder alert"! My sister was kind of getting in the way of me helping my mom decorate the tree!

coming soon to a family near you... a sister!

Oh, and my first photo with Santa is from that year:

aren't I the cutest thing ever? ;o)

Coming soon (i.e. when I have time to dig through my sister's baby albums and other old family albums): the early '80s in Saudi Arabia!


  1. Yes! You are the cutest thing EVER! I sure do see the beginnings of the imp you are today, Cris. I look forward to more! :-)

  2. You ARE the cutest thing! I'm enjoying looking at all the old photos and going on your trip down memory lane. Saudi Arabia?? You're killing me..... :-)

  3. Man you're so adorable with your vibrant hair. You know, when I was that age I was sort of pale golden blonde - it wasn't till I was about five or six my red really started to take over a bit and now my hair's strawberry blonde. Yay for us gingers! :)

    I also have some awesome little kid photos from the 70s of less than stellar clothing. Little coordinated pants suits and hot pants, yes ma'am! What a cruel decade to be a child. Ha!

  4. Aw, these are gorgeous! :)

  5. DJan: You can already make out the imp? You're good!!! ;o)

    Kim: killing you? nahhhh! :p

    Veg: In my family we start out bright orange and darken with age! I can barely remember my dad with red hair, it was always brownish, just his beard remained red (and there are still a few red hairs hiding in the grey now). I'm the lucky one, my hair is still very red! But my sister's has gotten quite a bit darker than mine...

    Juliette: thx! :o)


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