2 Oct 2011

Favourite Summer Moments 2011

One thing leads to another... in this case reading a post over at Snug Harbor Bay which led me to the Outdoor Blogger Network and their Goodbye Summer photo prompt, which got me to thinking about my wonderfully busy summer this year! I was way too absent from the blog this summer thanks to / because of "real" life keeping me busy and away from my computer screen! Which resulted in a lot of photos and a lot of adventures I wanted to blog about but haven't had the time... So consider this a summertime "greatest hits" and preview to one or the other future posts. ;o)

Summer in Alicante started off as usual with the Hogueras de San Juan

"Official" Hoguera 2011 (more here)

and I got to enjoy a couple of mascletàs from real close! ;o)

Then there was the travelling...

crossing the Atlas mountains in July

fun with henna tattoos for a Berber wedding


dancing on a beach in Vendée (preparing a surprise for a friend's wedding)

hanging out with family in Mallorca:

all together for the first time in 2 years
trying to "drown" the lifeguard on my birthday, a.k.a. my cousin
exploring a cave with the same cousin...
and my sister
enjoying the beauties of Mallorca...
with my sister and cousin
and having fun with my adorable 2 year-old niece (daughter of cousin above)

back in Alicante...

scuba diving with my kiwi sister
enjoying a solid hour of amazing fireworks in neighbouring town (Elche)

I even got a visitor from very far away (the land of Oz)

atop Alicante's castle

which gave me a chance to show off / rediscover some of our local beauties like the island of Tabarca (in the bay)

looking across Tabarca's old fortified walls
great spot for snorkelling
liquid light

or the Peñón d'Ifach in Calpe

hiking down to a cove on the north side of the Peñón
great waters for snorkelling, but with lots of medusae!
admiring the Peñón d'Ifach from the other side

Both of those are going to get their own snorkelling posts. ;o)

How was your summer? I hope you've got lots of sunny memories to keep you warm this coming winter! :o)


  1. Wow, looks like you had an amazing summer! Mine was busy, mostly with work and weddings - hoping to do a bit more travelling next year!

  2. Amazing it was indeed! Although most of the excitement was concentrated in a week in July and another in August. The rest of it was sparks here in there between a busy summer workload. :p


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